Job Creation and Enterprise Development

We shall be consolidating and explaining on all our initiatives in this area. We will expand our support for the Vocational Skills Development programme to ensure that more of our residents have the benefit of training in the different vocations to enable them set up their own businesses and create jobs for others. We will continue to support the graduates of these programmes as well as others desirous of starting a trade or expanding their business with grants and equipment to enable them stand on their feet as entrepreneurs. The Jobsite we set up to assist with the process of job- search will be upgraded to be able to deliver greater value to residents who presently make use of it.


Beyond that, we shall be launching, this term, a N20 MILLION MICROENTERPRISE REVOLVING FUND FOR WOMEN AND YOUTHS to formalise our existing structure for disbursing funds to those in need of assistance within our constituency. This fund will be endowed to meet the funding needs of micro and small-scale business owners and enterprises to enable them acquire equipment and increase their capital base. It is geared towards assisting residents of Eti-Osa Constituency 02 in starting business ventures or expanding existing ones. It is a revolving fund and it will be administered through a financial institution to ensure transparency and sustainability.