A better future for all

Promote unity among the people

Adequate representation of the people's interest

Empowerment and Human capacity development

Infrastructural development


What we believe in

Accessible and quality healthcare facility

GOY is committed to ensuring that everyone in this constituency has access to quality healthcare.

GOY also plans to provide financial assistance to those who cannot afford healthcare services. By making these improvements, he hopes to make a difference in the lives of the people in this constituency..

Accessible healthcare

Quality healthcare

Sound education for the young generation

Yishawu has made moves to improve the quality of education in Eti-Osa II constituency by donating computers and offering full scholarships to deserving students.

This will go a long way in fostering academic excellence and provide opportunities for students to break the cycle of poverty.

Donation of computers and other facilities

Scholarship offer

Adequate representation of the people's interest

Yishawu is passionate about his constituency and he's working in his full capacity to protect the interest of the people.

He's always at the forefront whenever there's a need to fight for the people and he's never afraid to take on anyone or anything that threatens the safety and wellbeing of his constituents.

People oriented

Protect the interest of the constituency

Welfare for the needy!

As a man with a heart of gold, Yishawu believe so much in the welfare of constituents and he helped so many disadvantaged and less-privileged people.

This made him very popular and well-liked among the people in his constituency.

Better lives for all

Help for the needy